Amazing Versatility - Professional look.

New Advanced Push Notification Features

Choose Your Notification Audience

Set a circular send-zone around a specific location Set a geo-fence and target users entering a specific area to receive your push notification

Customize your push notification

Link your message to a website URL or to a tab within your app Add a template-based message to your push notification

Create subscription categories for your notifications

Bring the idea of mailing lists into the mobile landscape Send push notifications to the right users via subscription categories

Create target groups or users from your Membership Accounts

Alert your special customers about a big event Publish your message to your social media sites (Facebook and/or Twitter) right from your app dashboard

Powerful editing and communications tools in the palm of your hand.

Our Food Truck App Development Team does all the heavy lifting to deliver you a fully functioning mobile app. Once your app is running, it’s easy to manage your mobile campaigns, and we’ll always be available to answer your questions.