Top Features for Food Trucks and Catering Services

Learn more about our mobile features that can be used within your app.


Schedule & Locations

Easily display your food truck schedule and venue locations.

The schedule calendar can include venue information, dates, hours, map
navigation, call button, photos, videos, web links, and more.


Showcase your unique menus from within your mobile app.

List an unlimited number of products and categories. Each product listing can include images, descriptions, price, embedded
video, and other attributes.

Online Ordering

Secure online ordering on our Secure Server

Customers order and tip through your mobile app. You receive the order, payment, and confirmation. The customer gets to skip the line and pick up the order at the window!

Map Navigation

Step-by-Step instant navigation straight to your food truck.

Map locations can include venue information, call button,
photos, videos, web links, and more.

Catering Requests

Do you cater private events?  Can your customers request your food truck come to their location?

If so, give your customers the ability to easily send you requests for their next party or special event all from within your app.


Customer Messaging

Keep in touch with your customers, by sending messages directly to them.

Push Notifications

The most powerful customer engagement tool available. Send special offers, announcements, event information and more to your customers, instantly using Push Notifications.

Users open almost 97% of push notifications, while the open rate of email campaigns are 10-15%.


Send automated messages to your app users when they enter, remain, or leave specific areas.

Create a virtual fence around your food truck’s location and notify customers of specials when they are nearby.

SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications, also known as “text messages”, can be sent to your customers’ smartphones.

Send your customers a text message reminder about your food truck schedule, their next catering event, or your next special event.